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Ant.adapt. 150 Ohm-50 Ohm

Ant.adapt. 150 Ohm-50 Ohm

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Antenna Adapter, ISO plug, 90į - DIN socket


  • For connecting the vehicle specific antenna to a retrofitted car radio or to a radio of another manufacturer
  • Car radio antennas with a 150 ohm DIN plug can be connected to ISO radios with a 50 ohm input


  • Music on the Move : We all like to listen to our favourite tunes on the go, especially on a long journey when it can be quite dull sitting in a car on your own, and many of us also like to hear the latest news and traffic or weather updates to plan the most stress-free route. What you certainly don't want to hear when driving along is fuzzy, muffled signal or awful music as you are only able to tune in to one or two stations.
  • Get Connected with Great Signal : Improve your reception and get access to the radio stations you like when you want by using this handy Antenna Adapter Plug ISO- Socket DIN from Hama to connect an antenna to your car radio. With its compact design for easy portability and storage on the go fitting easily into a pocket or into the glove compartment, the adapter features an old 150 ohms plug so that it can be connected to car radios with a 50 ohms input.
    Fully screened, the high quality adapter minimises interference so that you can achieve flawless transmission with no loss of signal and is angled at 90ļ for optimal positioning of the antenna so the tunes can keep rolling and you can keep driving. Hit the road with Hama.


Physical Properties

  • Model : ISO-plug - DIN-clutch
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