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Data Cartridge LTO4 Ultrium 1.6TB WORM

Data Cartridge LTO4 Ultrium 1.6TB WORM

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Base Price:€52,88€63,99


Highest Capacity and Performance of any Comparable Tape Technology


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KopregelValue for money
Korte productnaamLTO-4 Ultrium 1.6 TB WORM Data Cartridge
Onderscheidend kenmerkLTO-4 Ultrium 1,6-TB WORM datacartridge
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Voornaamste verkoopargumentFirst time restore ensured with fewer media failures and disrupted backups, regardless of duty cycle or environmental conditions.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentLTO Ultrium cartridge memory chip delivers faster access time and enhanced media monitoring.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentSimplified tape path to reduce wear and tear and build up of and debris (important in automation).
Voornaamste verkoopargumentWrite-Once-Read-Many (WORM) version provides tamperproof, compliant data storage.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentHPE brand qualification test procedures (load/unload, shoeshine, drop testing and environmental stress testing) go far beyond what is required for the LTO Ultrium logo. This ensures maximum reliability for restoring your data.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentSuperior 'smart grabber' mechanism and mechanical interlock to prevent the leader pin from being pulled inside the tape housing. Sensors detect proper connection and prevent leader loss that would ruin the tape.
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